New Tango lessons, Beginners course

* Tuesday 20:00 * Thursday 19:00 (May 2019)

From the A till the Z discover a new way to build your Argentine Tango dance. More fun, more interactive and beautiful. Try out for free and keep with us for a Tango experience.

Learn Argentine tango with one of the greatest couples of all time: Geraldin Rojas and Ezequiel Paludi. Our school offers group and private lessons for every dance level, from absolute beginners to professional tango dancers. You're welcome to come alone or with a partner. Come and discover the magic and passion of Argentine tango with us!

Do art, meet artist... Tango con amigos 2

In a fantastic weekend with great artist one experience that add more and more love to our careers thanks to all of you. it was good very good!!!!!


The Embassy with Tangomatter

On a happy afternoon we approached the embassy of Argentina in the Hague. In a very pleasant meeting with Ramiro Hidalgo, the Embassy renewed its support for the Lovely Tango Weekend Festival to be held in the city of Amsterdam from April 18 to 22, 2019. The photo describes the congratulations on behalf of the embassy for the awards received. Nostos 2018 and Pizzo eat Buenos Aires.