Born and raised in Buenos Aires, both of them found an early entrance to the Stages in the world. With more than 20 years on the road, Geraldina and Ezequiel are a trend in Tango Argentino creating a better concept for a new present. They share stage or were directed by : Gerardo Sofovich, Luis Bravo, Robert Duval, Gustavo Santaolalla, Bersuit Bergavarat, Luis Salinas, Roberto Goyeneche, Pepe Colangelo, among others.

They are

Active professional dancer travelling to different cities in Europe and around the world to perform, teach and create shows, since 2016 they have move to Amsterdam and start a new community with the concept: Anyone can dance. In Overtoom 467, EG are running they own studio with lessons, coaching and events.

With experience working in different Theater companies, Dinner shows in Buenos Aires, Cinema, Video clips with different musical genre and many Festival and shows around the world, Ezequiel and Geraldina are ready for any challenge. In the dance instruction, The only couple that deciphered tango as a dance mixing art with sports. Meet them for a Tango experience and boost your wellbeing


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