Classes and coaching to improve your dance. Innovate program with levels of intensity. Tangomatter by Ezequiel Paludi and Geraldina Rojas.



Our dance program has different intensity levels for each requirement. The lessons are in small groups and follow a dedicated, personalized plan for the dancer. Ezequiel and Geraldina are professional dancers with long experience in teaching around the world and can reveal the fantasy hidden within the movements of Tango to teach them from their most noble nature, the embrace and its steps along the compas.

Before you start looking for your lesson, let us help you with private intake lesson. Start with forty-five minutes to practice your Tango and bring it to the next stage to meet different behavior in the dance. We will introduce to you our dance program: how it works and which are the goals to achieve and how long for that, to design your Argentine Tango studio together, come and Dance the Tango with us! +all levels are welcome for the intake lesson+

2 Options to study with us

Tango strips x10 and x5 to use at any lesson during 3 months * Tango course offer fixed dates to study

Tango from BA


Monday to Thursday

9:00 - 13:00 _ 18:00 - 21:00

We offer group and private lessons

Tango milonga vals technique & training

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