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Argentine Artists Living in The Netherlands Presenting Tango Argentino for Performances and Global Instruction.

Forever Tango

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Corrientes esquina Glamour Tango al Limite

Los Duendes del 2X4 cronista comercial...




Ezequiel and Geraldina are continually in touch with the global environment of tango, They are part of the Forever Tango cast , participate in numerous international festivals, Film, Concerts… and are a reference of any trend within the Tango ...

Tangomatter is the company they created when they moved with their family to Amsterdam after living in Italy for 10 years. Born and raised in Buenos Aires from very young began the tours and the different lifestyles that artists owe, keeping the line of life leaving Buenos Aires as a city they were always going to visit again.

Tangomatter is the conclusion of many years of career and experience gained with Work and sacrifice, there is a unique way to Dance the classic Tango with passion, flexibility and sporting spirit.

They have the Tango academy in Amsterdam where they teach all levels, also wedding coaching, choreography, professional training and more.







...It was and still is an exhilarating experience to me and I immediately knew that this work I was seeing was the work of specially gifted Artists and Dancers
and was something that my company should be presenting. LUIS BRAVO

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Oslo Tango Mini Festival

  • center of african cultur Cak 75C Pilestredet Oslo, Oslo, 0354 Norway (map)

Lørdag 7. april inviterer vi til FESTMILONGA Kl. 2100 - 0200
Med en av de mest anerkjente djs i Europa, den eminente Dj PUNTO Y BRANCA (Buenos Aires/Milano)
Kl. 2330 får vi dans med Esequiel & Geraldina her i Oslo

Påmelding her:

Utvalgte priser: 
1 klasse kr. 500
2 kurs kr 700
5 kurs (alt) kr. 2000
+ dameteknikk (500kr) Tilsammen 2500,-
Milonga Cc. 300kr (inkl i hele pakken)

Privattimer - anbefales på det varmeste (kun noen få)
Sted: kommer

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